Monday, June 23, 2008

yellow sky and some green things

Haven't posted in quite awhile because life's just been rolling along with no major inspiring events of which to speak. My best Tokyo pal moved back to Canada last week, so I guess I'm kind of down.

And the icky rainy season weather doesn't help the blues, since the sun ain't shined in awhile. In fact this afternoon, as G and I returned home from a walky, there were nasty looking purple clouds brewing on top of the regular medium-gray ones and the combo created an eerie yellow light over our neighbourhood. Shortly thereafter, with us having just entered the apt, the rain began again (it poured all afternoon yesterday).

Speaking of my inu, which I know you want me to do, this aft I purposely took her to this particular park where I knew a certain boy dog would likely be. And as luck would have it, we did run into Atom, an adorable 14-month-old little shiba who is positively enamoured with my whitey-girl. They get on like playful bear cubs, wrestling when on leash and running huge wide circles (Grace in the lead), when off leash. And when Miz G bores of the game and turns away, Atom watches her wistfully, trying to recapture her attention. But G-dog also adores Atom's human since he tends to have a pocketful of salmon jerky with which he is very liberal.

Well, enough with the pup talk. I realize I lied in my first sentence when I said that nothing inspiring is up with me. In fact I'm excited to be working with the UNU media studio again. The new project I'm helping out with is a webzine that'll be launching in the next few weeks. It'll be about how it is ever more clear, in this age of skyrocketing oil prices & food crises, that we need to find better ways to do things on this planet. It'll examine where tune-ups are needed, from the tiny choices we make daily, to bigger political/economic questions. I'm very excited.

And on the little choices front, I'm always looking for new ways to have less impact but have found that the choice of products out there doesn't make it easy, particularly in Japan, packaging and consumption capital. However, perhaps things are changing. Just the other day I was thrilled to discover a toilet paper brand that is made entirely from milk cartons! And then today I received a gift in the mail from my sister in Vancouver that inspired more hope in me: a kitchen cutting board made from 100% recycled plastic. Maybe at long last, more companies are finally seeing the (green!) light and realizing that we want products that we won't feel guilty buying.


Hi Carol,

It's been some days since I have read your post and today I looked at the last pictures. They are wonderful. Thanks a lot for them.

I can't wait to hear from you the new ideas about changing our ways of living, I really need more ideas. I try to reduce at max whatever I don't think it's necessary.

I posted more pictures with my babies and their friend last week in our backyard.

Kisses for the beautiful G, to Mr. A and to you
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