Friday, July 25, 2008

if a blog falls off the web, does anybody care?

So it's been a month since I last posted and nada, nobody noticed. While that does make me a teensy bit sad, frankly it hadn't been much fun posting to the void, by which this silly blog sometime ago had begun being met.

This is completely understandable because it's hard attracting readers in the first place, and even trickier to keep them interested. But I'm not actually talking about Pinch Me now, which was always intended to simply keep a few friends and fam up to speed on my transition to a foreign life.

I've finished my contract at the embassy and have more time to devote to the webzine launched by the UNU media studio earlier this month. Our World 2.0 is about what can and is being done to deal with complex, inter-connected and pressing problems like climate change, oil depletion and food security.

And while these are subjects I personally find very interesting, it is super challenging to help make them as appealing to the masses as they really need to be. What is it that people want to read about? Are we hitting the right topics? If so, what do they think of the articles? Will any of what we generate inspire action? In what ways?

These are questions we're hoping folks will chime in and electronically answer. But is it my imagination or is it only certain types of topics on particular kinds of sites (YouTube videos, celebrity gossip, etc.) that make the average Joe/Joan feel they can comment? How can an open & comfortable online community be created around important issues?


I care and I noticed. I don't usually comment, however I enjoy reading the comments by the people who usually do. Where are they? Maybe they're out enjoying summer and not in front of their computers as much.
Like you, I care about more important things than celebrity gossip and stupid videos so I'll check out the webzine and maybe even comment.

I truly enjoy your blog. I'm kind of addicted to it actually. Please don't stop writing.

i missed your blog, kyaroru-san! i'm even still trying to finish my e-mail to you that i started months ago (i'm so horrible about staying in touch - i'm sorry)! i love your stories and insights (and all the wonderful pictures, of course)! :)
Hi Carol,

I totally agree with you about what interests people on the Internet. I will go on UNU's web site and give my opinion, but after the small vacation I took next week, to bring my mother to the airport in NY. She is going back to Romania and we want to visit a bit around.
Give a kiss to miss G from Leo and Sam and to Mr. Aran from me. :-)
Come on people, show you care about our lovely blogger's writing. If you read it then can't you just take a minute of your precious time and leave a comment...
Thanks so much you guys, but I didn't mean to whine or slag the YouTube fans! My point was just that it's very difficult to compete out there in the big wide web.

MM - You're sweet and therefore I will try to keep posting, even if it's just for you!

JJ - No worries, grrl. I have more free time than the average Jane (tho' my long-legged G needs more walkies than your little B) and even I have trouble keepin' up with the e-mails!

Carmen - Sorry to hear that your mom left. Big hug for you.
Riccardo lit aussi ton blogue et te demande de continuer parce qu'il pense que c'est la seule fa├žon qu'il connaitra jamais le Japon.
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