Thursday, September 18, 2008

fall brings summer

Several days ago it finally cooled off in Tokyo and we shut off the airconditioning, which had been set at 25-27C since July.

But sorry mes amies back in colder parts of the globe, when I say cooled off, I just mean the humidity diminished and the sans humidex temperature dropped below 30C. It's felt to me like early July in Montreal, though today it's raining and "only" 24C thanks to typhoon Sinlaku.

I'm personally most looking forward to 'June', by which I mean October. Fall is my favourite season in Japan. Not only is it warm and finally dry (after the terrible humidity of real Tokyo summer, aka Hell), but as a bonus it extends through December and into January. Like a Canadian October-November, except it's sunny most of the time. February's the only month that is actually winter-ish, in that the temp falls below zero on the odd occasion.

Anyhoo, how dull am I to be bragging about the weather? I wanted mostly to post to say I Flickred a bunch more Hanoi photos for anyone interested in having another look at that particular set. I've got to get around to weeding through the next batches, particularly the Mekong Delta stuff because that was one of my fav parts of the trip.

Aside from that, I'm busy editing a big report for a UNU centre and generally cooking my buns off -- feeding A breakfast lunch and dinner and G just breakfast and dinner. I've been incorporating more vegetarian dishes into our routine as I've decided to go entirely V when we get back to Canada (here it's too hard to find/expensive to buy most seeds, supplements, etc.). I've got so many enviro-allergy issues and ethics-related thoughts that it's time for me.

What else? Tomorrow we're going to see a concert -- yahoo, we never seem to go out! Aran has become a bit of a jazz lover of late so we're off to see Roy Hargrove. And then, to reminisce, we'll be heading to a Vietnamese festival in Yoyogi park on the weekend. That reminds me, I should post the recipe I invented earlier this week for faux Pho (or cheaty Pho anyway).

Okay, enuff rambling, I gotta throw some lunch together before the breadwinner gets home.


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