Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i don't drive but now i want to

For a long time, A and I have vowed to grow up and get our driver's licences. See mine expired many moons ago and living in metro-tastic Montreal and being an avid cyclist, environmentalist & cheapskate to boot, I never felt the need for a car. My city-boy partner, having grown up in Paris, never even learned how.

Anyway, now there are cars that I wouldn't feel so bad driving, and they're cute too! Check one out in the Our World 2.0 videobrief below, then go to Our World 2.0 and read the article about it, and mine about hunger too.

The electric sunflower from UNUChannel on Vimeo.


yup, cute, but I'd like to see you drive that in the middle of a Montreal snow storm...

i only got my G1 a couple of months ago, and i'm 25. and tom still doesn't have his, and he's 27. we just haven't felt the need to buy a car, living downtown and within walking distance to work and school (and the transitway if we need to go further distances). but now that we're moving to orléans next month we're starting to consider driving more seriously! that car is seriously cute - my dream vehicle is a volkswagen bus! (okay, it's actually the batmobile, but a bus would be the next best thing!)
Hey Carol,

I heard the Japanese drain covers are a sight to see, is it true?

EH (do I know you, by the way?) - Yes, manhole covers can be quite ornate here. Check out all these beauts on flickr:

Aesthetic details abound in Japan. It's nice.
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