Sunday, October 05, 2008

orange candy flowers and wind-up birds

My sensei told me what the tree is called in Japanese but my notebook's in the other room and I'm lazy, so I'll stick to my made-up name; it's the orange-candy tree's flowering season and the fall breeze is therefore sweet these days.
In autumn Tokyo is also visited by a type of bird with an extremely squeaky song. I have as of yet failed to discover the name, or even get a decent glimpse, of these birds but they remind me of a Haruki Murakami novel, The Wind-up Bird Chronicles. Though my sensei also recently told me that the title is actually a reference to a cuckoo but I didn't know that when I was reading the book so I always heard squeeeeeeeeeak rather than cuuuckooo in my head as I read.
But of course I digress with nonsense when I actually just wanted to post a commitment to finish & put up here my next Vietnam travelogue installment. I should have it up by Tuesday, with perhaps some Mekong photos too. I added more pix to the Hoi An set this morning and just have a few more days' worth to get through before arriving at the Mekong bunch.


Hey C, thanks for your wonderful writing - I can smell those orange-candy tree flowers and I can hear the squeaky bird...
I love your "buddy icon" - super cool and cute, like you!

Thanks sis! And I just this morning came up with a comparison for the orange-candy flower smell. It smells pretty close to Rockets, just a bit fruitier!

PS: Am posting the last Hoi An photos now. Won't get to the Mekong today though...
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