Tuesday, November 18, 2008

some flaming, many fallen

Autumn is doing its thing in Tokyo these days, making red & golden leaves fall despite a recent warm snap with highs pushing 20C.

But the brilliant foliage and warm sun can't stop us from feeling blue today. I was down already, thinking of a good friend who recently lost her mom. She is a very sensitive sweetie this friend and she's lost too many in the past few years and I wish I were there to let her lean on me if she needed to.

Then today we got disappointing news in regards to A's request to have his posting cut short a year, which would have seen us home next summer rather than summer 2010. Not that we're complaining about life here, A's just anxious to get back to school and I'm a little homesick for my peeps is all.

Anyway, that's the scoop for those who knew we were waiting. On the upside, anyone who's wanted to come visit us in Tokyo now still has 20 months to do so.


hi C, sorry to hear your news about the posting not being cut short. Now you can travel more in Asia & who knows maybe you'll get more visitors now that you'll be there for another 20 mos!

P.S. It is a cool sunny day here today! Amazing!
Sorry to hear your news about the posting! (But can I say secretly excited I might get to visit now?)
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