Monday, December 29, 2008

taste the fruits of my labour

My regular readers, should they actually exist, may remember I talked of an article I was writing for Our World 2.0 about green building in populous Japan. Well the darn thing, which nearly drowned me under a ton of research, is finally up for you to gander. Please? Pretty please. Yes, I am once again stooping to begging for hits!


I really liked the article! I will be sure to share with friends!

Happy New Year! Here's to more excellent adventures! :)
Hi Carol,

Have a wonderful year in 2009!

I am sorry I haven't written anything in the past months, but was a bit worried with my things.

I read the article and found it very interesting, I sent it to everybody I know, because the information is inspiring.

I hope everything goes well with you two and the baby G.

Thanks tomodachi/mes amies. Happy new year to you too.
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