Friday, December 19, 2008

wishing for white stuff

I know this sounds mental to those of you back home, including Vancouverites who had a recent taste of Eastern winter, but I miss snow. And this is a very short-lived feeling I know, for the rest of the winter I thoroughly relish Tokyo's sunny mild winters. But at Christmas I need sparkly white stuff!

So to get in the xmas spirit, we're heading off for a 4 day holiday tomorrow to the Nagano area. But dang it all, at the moment the village we're staying in, Nozawa Onsen, doesn't have any snow. Today, one forecast says it'll start snowing Sunday night, another predicts rain. Our visions of a snowy little town are likely to be dashed.

There is snow at the top of the mountain though, so I'm going to at least get a few runs in. And hey, the village's other attraction, the onsens, are as bubbling hot as they ever were.

Merry Christmas.


we're in for a ton of snow today, kyaroru-san - wish we could share some! :)
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