Saturday, January 17, 2009

bad movies, bad girl boots, etcetera

It's been a long time since I did an odds and ends posting so here goes.

Latest bad movie seen: Today I turned on the TV to zone while I ate lunch and caught a bit of the "most hysterically bad movie featuring a seriously beautiful woman" that I've ever seen. Of course it was probably cutting edge back then, the year after I was born. Anyone ever seen The Girl on a Motorcycle with Marianne Faithfull? Wow, in both senses of the word!

Recent Tokyo women's fashion trend: Knee- and even thigh-high spike-heeled black leather boots. I get a laugh every time I see them because they remind me of what we, in my potty-mouthed family, used to call f-me boots. Ah, memory lane!

Hottest snack in our house: As most of you probably know, A's brother J is staying with us for awhile. Soon after he arrived, I made some muffins for breakfast. Well boy, can that man ever pack them away! A's also taken to popping one in his hungry bouche at all times of the day. Yesterday I made a double batch and threw some in the freezer: I start 2 jobs next week -- UNU (where I have been a volunteer until now) 2 days, embassy 3 days -- and won't have time for baking. Unless someone has quick easy recipes for me?

Nickname number 7 for Grace: I think my pet has too many nicknames already, but I can't seem to resist coming up with 'em. Of course there's Gracie, and you all know G-dog, which I use often here on Pinch Me. And those who have noticed her Tweets column (right side of the page) and have followed it to her Twitter page, might have noticed her username there is Grrrace (one & two Rs were already taken when she signed up). But only local friends know I often call her Monkey, Bobo and Stinky. Well, with the help of our pal Y, the new one is amaenbo-ken, which means "spoiled brat of a dog"!


Oh man, I have SO many nicknames for our pets!

Bartok is Bart, Beast, Beaster, B-tok, The 'tok, Pumpkin, Peeg, Piglet, Pugsly, Bartok Shenanigans...the list goes on and on! I like amaenbo-ken though! *hee hee*
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