Thursday, January 29, 2009

surrounded by stubbornness

I'm on the 10th day of a mega migraine so I suppose you could say I'm uhh, somewhat testy. However, it seems to me that people are becoming more and more stubborn.

First case in point. My visiting brother-in-law, aka our resident dishwasher (a duty he assigned himself due to lack of cooking skills and an apparent fear of walking G-dog by himself) recently spent far-far-far too much time and effort scrubbing years and years of discoloration off of my well-worn cookie sheets.

No matter how many times I vehemently told him that it was not "grease" as he believed (perhaps I, minor clean freak that I am, was a bit insulted at that notion) and did not need removing, he persisted over several sessions and a complete mangling of steel-wool.

Why would someone, who is requested to disist by the owner of the inane item, continue to do such a thing?

Should I have been even more frank and said "Hey, why not go dust the den instead, or do that pile of mending over there, or learn to bake muffins, or something more constructive?"

Or am I just as stubborn for continuing to believe he should not waste his own time doing something I deem unnecessary?

And even when people are well-meaning rather than impractical, I still find it frustrating when they are hard-headed.

Second case in point, I have a friend to whom I was just complaining about my damn migraines. She offered to do some research online in Japanese on the topic.

I, being a research maniac who has struggled with migraines since the time the internet was invented, told her I seriously doubted she would find anything different in Japanese that I haven't already read about in English.

Migraines are not fully understood by science, people experience them so differently, they are brought on by such a myriad of causes, and can or cannot be effectively treated dependent on all the former uncertainties. It is an endless crap shoot to find relief and a waste of hope for preventive measures.

Hopefully she'll not persist and heed my request to please not waste her time on a project that is guaranteed to be fruitless. Or am I stubborn in my negativity and inability to allow her some charity?


hey C,I'm so very sorry to hear that you've still got the migraine. I really hope it f@!*s off REALLY SOON!

As for the stubbornness thing: Well sugah, "Stubborn is as stubborn does." -Forrest Gump's mother

Perhaps your BIL and your friend are not being "stubborn", and are instead just doing these (annoying) things because they are both simply trying to help in their own way.

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