Wednesday, February 18, 2009

chewable blossoms

The popularity of cherry blossoms in Japan is well known. Though that particular season is not yet upon us, the just-as-pretty plum trees began flowering a couple of weeks ago.

This afternoon I stopped to sniff a low branch of pale pink ume flowers only to realize that they smell like chiclets! And in that pleasant moment in the peaceful cemetery, I realized that I much prefer plum to cherry trees just because they don't cause as much of a brouhaha.


Oh man, I love it when I can find ume flavoured things - especially gum!
hey, trying to get in touch with Lia.. do you have another email for her?
hey C,
Spring is upon us here - things have begun to bud & bloom and *$!* allergy season has started! There are some blooming now that have strong scents, don't know what they are. I do know that something smells like dog pee though. Of course maybe it's actually pee and not the flowers!
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