Thursday, March 26, 2009

slow motion blossoms

Some of you (well Jacelyn at least!) might be waiting to hear about cherry blossom season. Well, just as the sakura were getting set to bloom, the temperature dropped and we've had a chilly, and mostly gray, few days.

All week I've been checking the bud situation every time I'm out walking the G and they're barely budging, it's weird. Usually once things start to bloom, they can't hold back and pop-pop-pop it's a sudden big show.

But it's really no biggie that the forecast will be shot by several days, since it would be best if full sakura glory happens on a weekend, so that all the hanami revellers (blossom peekers who picnic in any spot where cherry trees grow, which in Tokyo is just about every park, cemetery, etc.!) can fully enjoy. So, I hope the sun shines hard tomorrow!

That's it for now. I'm off to eat my fudgey oat brownies. Mmm, mmm, mmm!


Awww, hanami time - take lots of pictures! :)
So I've taken some pix but it's still quite cold and the blossoms have not peaked yet. Despite both those factors, there were some hardcore hanami-ers out on the weekend!
They look incredible - so much colour! Like my Japanese exchange students used to say when they really liked something I showed them: "enby, ENBY!!!" (I'm guessing they meant "envy" *hee hee*)
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