Sunday, April 26, 2009

the end of confusion: deniers outted as liars

I hate to relish the yoke that's dripping off the face of climate change naysayers this weekend but it's just too much of a relief, I feel a bit giddy.

In case it was as buried in your local newspaper this morning as it was in mine (page 13), I'm referring to the NY Times story revealing that a coalition of deniers — financed by big corps & the oil industry, natch – censored their own scientists.

The group, like others out there seeking to protect their financial fortunes, "led an aggressive lobbying and public relations campaign against the idea that emissions of heat-trapping gases could lead to climate change." Uh... yeah. But, whew, now it's finally official that they're liars!

See this makes me so happy because I know many, family members even, who've believed the doubt and misinformation sown by such smearers and who dismiss "hippy" environmentalists such as myself who might attempt to argue against their "IPCC is a conspiracy" claptrap.

What's even more heartening is that this revelation will make people more conscious of how much power the lobbyists have had and perhaps now everyone will start to ponder what else they've been lying about – peak oil, principally.

On the latter topic, please look for a must-see movie (that I'm reviewing this coming week on Our World 2.0) called Blind Spot.

POSTSCRIPT: I should have also included Yale360's interview of a psychologist who examined the tactics used by the food industry (and discovered they use the same strategies as Big Tobacco). If you prefer to listen, rather than read it, scroll down and see the audio version.


Thanks a lot Carol,

I will send it to all may friends, out of which some do not believe in the environmental problems and continue to live as before, not controlling anything.


Does it mean that global warming is not a consequence of the shifting of the magnetic pole? Yes I still get those E-mails.

Let's hope that a majority of the people undertand the urgency of making changes to fight global warming.

hey C,
gee, what a surprise that these deniers have also been proved to be liars. DUH! I'm not surprised since I've always believed big companies are like politicians: liars, and care solely about their own interests.
I hope that this will wake up the doubters and bring about change in their worlds.
P.S. enjoyed your article on plastics/oil & the coffee cup one (no more paper cups for me)!
Hey, is that Riccardo E? How are you, sir?

Carmen - Hi! Yes, great, get friends to read the article at least and check your listings to see if the movie is showing in Quebec.

MM - Fabulous! I'm happy to hear you've cut out paper cups. What about bottled water, did you give that up yet? Get a Sigg bottle (stainless), they come in all sorts of pretty colors and you can hook a carabiner clip on the lid to attach to your belt loop or bag!
hey C,
I gave up bottled water a while ago & got a Sigg bottle. I think water bottles should be banned!
P.S. Also at work I've switched us to environmentally safe products (dish soap, kleenex, forks & knives made out of corn, re-chargeable batteries, etc.)!
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