Saturday, April 25, 2009

focusing potion wanted

I just prepared myself a nice late lunch using several of the lovely veg from our first organic basket from Konohana Family farm (I'm at about 15 vegetarian meals of 21 in my transitioning process). We're over-the-moon happy with our order, which included not only 10 kinds of veg, eggs and some staples like brown rice and black soya beans, but also the most delicious handmade rice crackers I've ever tasted and some divine fresh mayonnaise. Very affordable too. I think I'd like to go visit them soon. They're near Mt. Fuji, where we haven't gone yet, which is ridiculous, and they have a very interesting eco-village type of set-up that I'm curious about.

Now I must do some work that I had promised myself yesterday that I'd get out of the way this morning. It's so hard to sit and do reading and research though. Despite having come out of the chronic brain pain phase I went through for the past several months, I must say my head is still far from sharp a lot of the time. Possibly silent migraines, which would fit since I'm often dizzy, bone tired and/or irritable, despite not having much pain.

Anyway, abody got any natural tricks to help clear brain fog? I'm trying to stay away from coffee since acupuncture seems to have made me hypersensitive to it - I feel the caffeine zooming through my system, it's unsettling! So I suppose I'll just make myself a cup of Konohana's Black Zinger roasted brown rice "coffee" now.


I've read that apples work better than caffeine to keep you awake, alert and productive - I like a nice crisp Granny Smith!
Take a lime, mix it with tequila, chill and drink! All your pains go away!
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