Friday, April 03, 2009

now I know how Vermonters feel

I will always remember a weekend getaway I once took with my soul-sister Christine, to see a concert in Vermont. It was autumn and the tiny quaint town was hopping. We happened to overhear some locals referring to weekend visitors as "leaf peepers" and we were quite taken with the phrase and amused at the teritorialism inspired by our ilk.

Well, G-dog's favourite haunt, our daily walking ground, the normally very very peaceful Aoyama Cemetery, today began to see many — and what promises to transform this weekend into hordes of — blossom gawkers.

Actually, even yesterday afternoon, despite a blustery cold wind, we saw plenty of blue plastic tarps laid out, weighted down by bricks, and with notes taped on to mark the spot for the evening's picnic (brrr!).

The tradition of o-hanami is very old and is much fun if you do it the good old fashioned way: go with a big group and imbibe a lot while feasting under boughs heavy with beautiful glowing flowers. A legendary type of party if ever there was one.

G and I just find it amusing to share our daily territory with transient peepers.


hey C,
The sakura are blooming here now too! Although people don't practice o-hanami here they do take photos of the beautiful blooms. I guess we can call them "bloom peepers"!

They go together with the birds outside my window that I call "cheepers" because of the sounds they make: cheep, cheep, cheep!

Happy Hippity-Hoppity days! I'm hoping to hit Wasabi for some Japanese food this month for Tom's birthday - mmm! I will raise a glass of sparkling blueberry sake to you! :)
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