Saturday, May 23, 2009

distractingly stinky neighbours(s)

I'm sitting in the den, minding my own business, working on the laptop, when suddenly my nose is assailed. The window is open, because it's 30C out today, and in whiffs the unmistakable cologne worn by a person who lives two floors down! His habitual excess has disturbed this particular migraine sufferer on innumerable occasions but, geez man, that it can permeate through windows 2 floors up? Rather ridiculous, n'est pas?

Speaking of pathetic, last night we were invited to a small get-together at the house of one of our very few friends — a rare occasion, I tell ya! I fear I've become a bit of a hermit. We knew no one else there but soon hit it off wonderfully with a very interesting couple of Australians (long married & coincidentally bearing the same first name!), both of whom speak French due to a personal interest in French culture.

Unfortunately however, there was another guest who persisted in interrupting our conversations with obnoxious and unfunny attempts to shock. The hostess and I both had smoke coming out of our ears and I made a few brief mocking remarks in an attempt to embarrass the nitwit into silence (or better yet, departure! it was that bad) but to no avail.

However, in a rare but controlled display of disdain, it was Aran to the rescue in the end! In fact, after asking her if she was "un facho", he trailed her to the door, badgering her to back up some of her outrageous (ie., pro-Sarkozy!) comments. Of course she couldn't and left, at long last rendered speechless! My hero!


Hi Carol,

What does mean "un fachaud"? I couldn't find a translation for the word. I found only the expression "fachauds sarkozistes". :-)
Hey Carmen, long time no e! Comment allez-vous? Les etudes, ta famille? Any more vistors to your pool recently? Yeah, I corrected the spelling of facho. Alain said I probably made the mistake by unconsciously linking the word to salaud et je pense qu'il a raison!

Des bises.
Hi Carol,

Well, about us, not too good news. My hubby is again without a job and seems lost. He started a contract which finished after 3 months and that's it. I had to stop the classes and my babies are very well. Every Saturday I am a volunteer to an animal shelter. Not too many people around the house lately, everybody is too busy, us too. The last 5 week-ends were for gardening, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and beans, a part of some flower arrangements and spices jardinieres, and for patio repairing and painting.
Not too exciting, isn't it?
My thing is to go to concerts, I bought with Jocelyne the next season for Grands Ballets Canadiens and for the Opera, and in August with Virgil we go to see AC/DC. At least this. :-)

I really enjoy your stories, informations, comments and pictures. When are you back from Japan?

Thanks a lot!
When are you coming back home?
Love your only nephew
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