Tuesday, June 09, 2009

the bad, the good, the silly

Allow me a list post, since I haven't done one in ages.

Things I'm sick of:

- Cleaning kitchen & dishes (don't mind the cooking or the eating!)
- Loud helicopters
- Being on the computer all the damn time
- Aran never putting things back where they're supposed to be
- Mosquitos & frizzy hair (and the summer is only just beginning...)
- Getting zits (41 is "middle-aged", goddamit)
- Migraines (this one belongs at the top but it's just too obvious)

Things that I am still or have of late been enjoying:

- Fresh peanuts in the shell (G is right now begging as I crack them)
- Not hearing about swine flu
- The enthusiasm & humour of awesome workmates
- G-dog's smile (her tongue-lolling, ears-up happy face)
- Gardenia season
- Cycling to work & appointments instead of facing subway crowds
- Aran's ever-chipper attitude and general sunniness (no matter how fowl my mood)
- Continuing to simplify the way we live and looking forward to doing that even further in the future

The silly:

- Awaiting the new season of True Blood
- Overdue for an episode of The Daily Show
- Planning on painting my toenails for the first time this year
- Want to try making cheese this week (labneh, aka yogurt cheese)


hey C,
Thanks for the update on how you're feeling and what's on your mind these days! LOVE IT!

Maybe I'll do my own list like this just to see what I come up with!

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