Saturday, August 08, 2009

forget shorter showers

Facing the apex of Tokyo summer, when pretty much all I can do is think about showering and popsicles, I must pass on this link to an awesome and oh-so-pertinent-these-days article in Orion mag, entitled Forget shorter showers.

For anyone like me, who's got an environmental heart or has developed a penchant for living simply but wonders why CO2 just keeps getting spewed, the piece explains "Why personal change does not equal political change".

Time to join this gang of sharp vocal youth perhaps, and shed my clothes for the cause?


Hey, heard there was an earthquake - you okay?

Love your posts and pictures! :)

Hey you, how's life? When exactly is the Big Day? I wish I were there to partake in celebrations... I posted a natural disaster update for ya. Double whammy but we're fine, thanx.
It's not until next August! When are you headed back?

Glad you're A-OK!

Just saw Ponyo (the new Miyazaki) last night - so so kawaii! :)
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