Wednesday, July 22, 2009

growing food movements

Interest sprouts in local, low impact grub

This week over at Our World 2.0 we take a look at how “voluntary simplicity” is making a comeback in the rich industrialized world. With climate change and oil depletion issues looming large and recession hitting hard, more people are realising that our way of life is unnecessarily resource-intensive.

Of particular concern to such “slow livers” or “downshifters” is their reliance on a food system that is dependent on massive fossil fuel inputs. (Not to mention the health impacts of a diet based on chemical-drenched produce, processed foods and hormone-filled animal products).

For some insight into these interesting movements, I talked to a couple of inspiring characters: one who has not only become an urban gardener extraordinaire but has also taken up eating wild foraged edibles as well, and another who practices something called freeganism.

Please give it a read and leave a comment as to whether you agree that it really is "time for the consumer to step up and be responsible for what is put in their mouth."


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