Tuesday, August 11, 2009

rockin' rollin' and rainin'

As you may have heard, yup, there was an earthquake last night. And though we felt the rockin' and G-dog came runnin' (which she never did before), and all three of us decided to step out the front door, the epicentre was off the coast so apparently it measured only a 3 or 4 or our 'hood (the meteorological agency's info kept changing) rather than the exaggerations given by some trashy media!

The map of its radius, or whatever it's called is the most dotted I've ever seen though, so I don't know what that's about. Chances are on our side though I think, that we make it 11 more months without being subjected to the Big One.

So now we're waiting for Etau, that nasty stubborn typhoon, to track the hell away.


Hi Carol,

I am fine, I wish we had a sunnier summer. I am fed up with the rain. :-)

I am glad you wrote about the earthquake, I just saw news, which don't sound too good.

I hope you are all OK.

Postscript: Hmmm, I might've jinxed us: there was another earthquake at 5 a.m. this morning and it's now the most dotty map I've seen. And Etau's still kicking around too. Strange days.
hey C,
Yikes - that map sure is full of dots! I'm happy that all you guys felt was some rocking and that you're all safe.

I think you're right that chances are good that you'll make it through the rest of your time there without experiencing the BIG ONE!

Yikes, I heard Carol, geez I can't even imagine how that would feel - is G dog ok now?...Edie
And another this morning! But the epicentre was quite a ways out in the ocean so it was only felt as 2 in Tokyo. I haven't read up but it seems like it must be the same "fault" or whatever, since they've originated in the same general direction/area.

G-dog's fine about the whole thing though, really. She doesn't seem scared, just alert. This morning she automatically went to the front door since that's where we went for the last 2 (for one of the two we had even put on her leash and stepped outside, just in case).

Anyway, c'est la vie au Japon... Don't worry about us!
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