Thursday, December 03, 2009

did the computer eat my brain?

New computer-less career/lifestyle wanted:

Vivacious and hard-working forty-two-year-old seeks a way of life that does not require eye strain, neck problems caused by mouse-shoulder, not to mention skull-penetrating electro-magnetic signals and/or radiation.

No, just kidding, I like my job. I guess I'm just feeling disheartened on this the 3rd day of a nasty migraine that hit me hard after I had a record month of headache-freedom. Doesn't help that Aran starts tossing and turning before the crack of dawn, forcing light-sleeping me to suffer extended jet lag along with him.

Which reminds me, I've gotta get off my duff and install my camera software on our new Mac Mini (the PC was unresuscitateable) so I can upload my Portugal pics before too much time goes by. I never did finish uploading the ones from our trip to southern Japan in July...

But to go back to my dream: What does an apprentice bread maker clear, I wonder? Anyone know any bakeries that are hiring? Oh, or if I (or The White One herself for that matter) ran in the right circles, I could start a gourmet doggie catering service. I say the right circles cuz the average Japanese person is likely not going to pay me much for their pup's chow in this deflationary period.

Though on the latter point, supposedly the Bank of Japan is likely to act and the government's pondering new stimulus (more!) to try and avert another recession.

I admit to having a low to average economic intelligence quotient but what with Dubai and all, I have suspicions about the state of health of the world's economic systems, despite what many would have us believe. Don't you?

Ok, well, though I've got the brightness set on medium, that's enough computer for now.


hey carol!

my grandma was telling me that she was talking with you on the phone and said that you're back in ottawa, but i haven't read anything about this on your blog and i suspect that she must have been really confused... what's the deal? :)

Oh Alison... I'm afraid that it seems she was a little tired when I spoke to her last week so yes, it seems she was confused. We're still in Tokyo for another 8 months. We have recently returned from visiting with Alain's parents in Portugal (because we found out a few months ago that his mom has Alzheimer's) so maybe me talking about jetlag from that mixed your grandma up?

And how are you? You can mail me if you prefer: csmith at unu dot edu. Say hi to your mom & dad for me please (and Laura too, of course). Tell them the time for coming to visit me is ticking!
hey C,
hope the migraine has abated and you're feeling good!

A computerless career sure sounds like something out of a dream! Just curious - do you ever use a pen & paper when writing, rather than the computer?

Hey MM. Thanks a lot. The nasty beast migraine was over after 6 days so I had a few days of feeling good before I got another on Wednes. But at least it wasn't nearly as bad and I have very little pain left today, just pretty darn tired.

As for writing by hand, no, not something I do very often cuz references and interviews & stuff are all online these days so it's just easier to type it straight in. Plus it's much easier to self-edit while writing (cutting pasting things around), which is how I've always worked. But maybe I should change my habits, hunh?
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