Friday, December 11, 2009

to be eco-fair, I just wasn't in the mood

So yesterday I dragged my butt to the Tokyo Eco-products 2009 expo. Some colleagues had gotten there an hour before me and were heading to lunch when I arrived, unhungry. So off I strolled on my ownsome with the remnants of a migraine making the crowds and very bright lights difficult to endure.

I knew my workmates had thoroughly checked out the big name tech exhibits and frankly, the huge number of people at those mega-stands was enough to have me heading in another, more down-to-earth, direction.

Though there were around 700 exhibitors, I only stayed around two hours. Not just because of my mood but also because unfortunately I was not able to grasp that much, having such limited Japanese (virtually no reading skills) and feeling invisible as I was ignored by most booth staffers (particularly the male ones).

I did end up mini-interviewing a couple of English-speaking women exhibitors and might follow up those stories. One is a small biz that grows organic cotton and then, using only human-power, spins & weaves it into beautiful soft cloth. The other was a very dynamic young entrepreneur who started her own line of natural cleaning and beauty products.

So though it wasn't an earth-moving experience for me, I know I was just feeling "crusty" as one friend might say, and there was so much to see and learn, I was happy to see so many children and teenagers. And despite what I felt was an overabundance of greenwash, many people will enjoy the whole positive green atmosphere, I'm sure.

In fact later today on Our World 2.0 you can read my boss' (way more enthusiastic) vision of the thing, which I must say is interesting - almost as if he were at another show. When in fact he was just in another headspace


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