Thursday, February 25, 2010

schoolgirl traumatized by toad sex

Sorry for the sensationalist post title, but a) it's a true story and b) it takes a lot for me to get inspiration, let alone attention.

Seriously though, yesterday I was walking the G through the cemetery in a bout of spring-like weather. Not long into our evening ramble, we happened through a section of the path where a good many toads were present, most mounted on top of one another and croaking loudly.

As we bemusedly walked slowly through the herptilian orgy, a teenaged girl rushed towards us. Visibly upset, she whimpered as she looked disgustedly from side to side at the lumpy brownish-green lovers.

I can't ever remember being so young and timorous.


Yay, a new post! :)

When I had my first Japanese exchange student I was 14 and she was 16. When I mentioned the age difference to the exchange coordinators they said they always matched girls up that way because culturally there was a huge maturity difference.

Some Japanese girls can be so squeamish and timid - it's kind of adorable, but only up to a certain point.

One time my host sister Yuka did something she thought offended me, and proceeded to apologize for a good solid minute, bowing and saying "sorry, sorry, sorry" repeatedly until I had to *force* her to stop. Yikes!

Another time back in Calgary we took our exchange students horseback riding - they'd never been on a horse, or ever even seen one up close. Once they climbed up and realized how big and strong the horses were, they proceeded to scream and cry and panic, which totally freaked the horses out!
hey C,
OMG - that's just hilarious! she'll probably need therapy after seeing that!

Jace, your stories are great! I wonder if it's just the city girls, as they are quite sheltered and don't have much exposure to bugs, animals, etc.!
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