Thursday, March 25, 2010

the little things

With only four months to go on our time in Tokyo,
the little things, peculiarities, niceties
are striking themselves in my memory banks.


This wistful list will grow in my mind, i'm sure...


Don't go - we still need to visit!
what are omiyage snacks?
JJ, you monkey, you have other priorities, ne? But you're welcome if you can swing it somehow (advance honeymoon? lol!)

Li: omiyage basically means souvenir and the most popular type of souvenir in Japan is food!
Alas, we are broke with wedding expenses (and a new TV/audio set, since our roommate's moving out and taking his)! :(

We're going to go for a low-budget honeymoon to NYC - maybe something bigger next year! :)
your post almost made me cry :(
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