Tuesday, October 20, 2009

worth a try

So it's No Impact Week, in case you hadn't heard, and though Aran and I already live quite "lightly" (and the G too I guess, since she eats homemade food and only bathes every 6 weeks or so!), we're looking for ways to cut consumption, waste & energy use even more as part of the Experiment.

Last weekend we didn't even take the metro, cruising on our spanking new (speedy!) bikes instead, of which I'll post pix as soon as our PC is resuscitated. Because we've pretty much converted to unconsumerism, we had debated not buying new (but rather second-hand) when A's broke. Finding affordable used decent bikes in Tokyo turned out to be uh, possibly impossible so, since we don't have a car and in fact don't buy much of anything but food (and A's damn used jazz CDs), we chose a local brand called Tokyo Bike and allowed ourselves the luxury.

Okay, well I forget what my point was... It's past lunchtime now and I'm feeling a little lightheaded. Going to eat my salad now, made with my very first attempt at homemade organic mung bean sprouts (thanks to Mark for the seeds!). A secret? Making them was super-easy! But actually, now that I'm looking for a link to include here, I seem to have done it wrong since mine are more beany with just tiny sprouts. Next time I'll try the Wiki way, which is still pretty duh-doable!

Oh and one last thing, for the No Impact thing, I'm looking at composting at home and hope anyone who does it will share tips. At the moment, I'm thinking of doing it the Japanese way: bokashi.

Also, Our World is entered in another awards competition, so please vote for us, if you can via this big obnoxious button:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

attack of the toads and other adventures

Fall can be strange. Just yesterday evening I asked myself, "Was that Thanksgiving?", simply because I was walking jacketless with the G (also jacketless as she is losing her summer coat) through the cemetery and having to seriously watch my step as G dashed about in the dark, excited by the hoards of toads hopping happily wild in the mild breeze.

Then tonight we were surprised by a sudden clap of thunder as a storm commenced, and my next thought was that hopefully the hard rain will not knock away the odoriferous deliciousness that are the flowers of the magical rocket candy trees, which I believe I raved about last autumn as well.

I don't have much else to say, nor do I much these days, feeling unwell to some degree 75-80% of the time and needing to focus on work when pain free and sharp-brained. Life marches on, if anyone wonders (and is peeved I haven't sent any mail). Yet another bad haircut, a speedy sleek new bicycle, and an aged PC that has fallen victim to a fatal case of self-random-rebooting disease. Rien d'excitant de verdad.

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