Tuesday, May 04, 2010

tummy filled with fruit

So yeah, I've talked about my vegetarian leanings here before and even posted some recipes. Well, I'm still at it and Aran's come along too after having a harder time adjusting at first than I did. Now he's happy eating meat or fish as part of only a few meals a week (mostly when he grabs take-out "bento" lunches when I'm working) when he used to feel he needed some every day or two.

I'm happy that he's been able to adjust because my (and his too) ethical beliefs on the topic of industrialized food systems have become ever stronger what with the research I do on the topic for work. (Those who really have no clue what I'm talking about really should see Food Inc., or King Corn or pick up a Michael Pollan book...).

But I'm also happy to have confirmation that athletic people like Aran (he still runs and plays soccer) can indeed be healthy as hell (he never gets sick, no headaches, no colds, nada!) eating in one week the amount of meat/fish many North Americans eat in 1 or 2 days. Feels good countering the protein myth, my friends.

Today I've been thinking a lot about food because I've been oddly unhungry, when my appetite is usually quite a little monster. I've been thinking for a long while about getting more raw food into our life, aside from just the desserts that I love, and this afternoon seems to be proof that I should cuz I feel great!

We had one of our typical breakfasts this morning, and that probably gave me a good start: spinach & tofu scramble, a couple of pieces (3 for Aran) of toasted brown rice mochi (pounded glutinous rice cake) we get fresh from the organic farm we order from, some strawberries and cafe au lait. I had a busy morning, doing spring cleaning and such and only sat down to lunch at 2 p.m. and then it was just a big spinach salad, sprinkled with home-sprouted mung beans (shown in the photo above) and sunflower seeds, followed by a whole wheat bun (also from the farm) with sesame spread.

Afterwards I did some vacuuming and went out speed-walking the G-dawg for an hour. Came back, finished the chores & was a bit hungry by 5 so I whizzed up a little banana with a half cup of some delish 100% guava juice (that's more like a nectar cuz there's no water) + some water cuz it was too thick. That hit the spot!

It's now 6:30 p.m. and I'm not even hungry. Going to go shower, take the G out again and then think about what vegetables to eat for dinner (the fridge is full because our farm order came today)! Am thinking of inventing some fritters made from the sato-imo (small Japanese taro) we still had left from the last shipment. Recipe to follow, if it turns out.

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