Tuesday, June 15, 2010

major procrastination

Don't know what's wrong with me today but I've been procrastinating my butt off (or make that on -- on this damn desk chair, that is). I'm just tired, I guess, as I had a migraine yesterday and it took two shots of my nasty meds to get rid of it.

Anyway, before I finally get off my duff and go work on some sorting, I thought I'd upload a couple of pix of our potential new home that the embassy in Madrid may be renting for us but have not signed any lease yet. Isn't it fab?

Huge, bright with great parquet (good RIDDANCE beige carpets that Grace loves to muck) and near all kinds of big parks (for the mucky one's benefit)! Spoiled we all would be if it comes true!

See we're leaving in just 3 short weeks and the movers are coming to pack us and take away our stuff (to stick on a ship that takes 2 months!) in only 10 days. Freaking out!

G-dawg, meanwhile, has no clue what's in store and is sleeping like the now-adult lazy mutt that she is.

Monday, June 07, 2010

much cheekiness in the air

"Titty Debut!" Lucky I was stopped at a light when I noticed the strange ad campaign wording of a huge Samantha Thavasa billboard this morning, else I might've fallen off my bike.

And with that I realized I had been noting numerous hints of cheeky on the streets of Tokyo this spring (no, not the butt-cheek-peek miniskirts, they've been around for ages now). One that still sticks in my mind -- and with which I thoroughly identified as I have continued to dress way-way down compared to the diva/poupoune look rampant amongst Tokyo women -- was a dude dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt that said in bold white text: "This is my suit."

Finally, I wanted to share this list, as I happened across it this afternoon and admired its brash frankness. As I non-vegan, I also enjoyed the cheeky last item.

Good Reasons to Go Vegan

Source: Vegan Outreach’s pamphlets Why Vegan but found via this cheeky-yet-compelling post on Good.

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