Monday, September 11, 2006

the friend-making scene

So I've been seeing a lot of B recently. We had met briefly at a fireworks display several weeks ago and since then our men had been trying to set us up. She finally phoned me mid-week last week and we had a long, pleasant chat. We ended the call by arranging our first date for a coffee the following day.

Since then we've spoken on the phone several times and on Friday we got together again for a coffee and some walking & shopping. She and her guy ended up inviting us over for dinner that night. And on Saturday we saw them at an inter-embassy BBQ, though we didn't hang out very much since there were so many people and a lot of mingling (though not so much inter-embassy inter-mingling) going on. I think I should phone her today to show her that I'm still interested.

But A and I also want to keep playing the field. Two weeks ago we thought we were falling for another couple with whom we shared a very stimulating evening at an awesome (and very authentic) Spanish tapas bar. A and I are both crazy about both of them but we're not so sure they feel the same way. Last week, A told her how much we enjoyed ourselves in an effort to spur along a next date. She responded that they too had a great time but that was as far as she went. And then the other day I saw him at a lecture we were both attending and he did not acknowledge my presence! I was slightly crushed.

As you can see, the thrown together thing can cause a strange social vibe! Though I may be slightly exaggerating the similarities to dating, there really is a sort of "let's test them out, but not commit to anything" thing happening between the various couples of our generation. It's odd but kind of funny and pretty understandable since we're all going to have to live in the same fishbowl for four years, so you've got to kind of be careful who you get chummy with, in case you end up regretting it.

PS: No new photos since we didn't feel like adventuring this weekend because it was too damn hot.


best of luck in that aspect! :)
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