Monday, November 20, 2006

dreaming of pancakes

I'm just on my way to bed though it's only 9:30. Thing is that I've finally gone back to the gym after not having worked out much in the past 2 months because of all my sickness. Don't want to jinx myself (I seem to be getting stupidsticious in my old age) but my stomach hasn't acted up in about 2 weeks.

Anyhow if I wake up with a big appetite tomorrow morning s'alright because Chef Nolan (the ambassador's cook, a talented 20-something dude with spiky hair) is manning the griddle for a charity pancake breakfast we're heading to at the big cheese's house. I'm stoked not just for the food but because it'll be my first time inside the OR as they call it (official residence) and I have been pretty curious about that since we live right next door and all.

But Aran's likely to eat twice as many flapjacks as me because he just started swimming lessons tonight. The poor sports addict has hired the embassy kids' swimming instructor to teach him how to get a good work-out in the pool since he's still sidelined from anything that involves running/sprinting due to his "hockey hernia" (that he got playing soccer) that seems to never want to heal.

PS: I had my interview at Nikkei, the financial news conglomerate, today and I think it went okay (they seemed more nervous than me) so please cross fingies and toes too because I think I would love the job...

PPS: Hang in, I'll have a ton of new photos next weekend because we're going on another trip. This time we're heading to the Izu Peninsula and will be staying at a ryokan, hiking along the cliffs and maybe visiting an onsen (hot spring bath).


omg the peninsula sounds wonderful! and the transportation to go there leaves right at shinkuju! dang! I still ahve to answer your emial, been busy with moving and painting and stuff
miss you!!!!!!
Ok, you managed to make me so curious, that now I can't wait for the pictures. I hope you are going to take some pictures in the OR too?

Je te souhaite une tonne de merde for the job, you deserve it.

I see that you two have a lot of fun there, just enjoy everything that it has to offer to you.

Hi again,
I just saw the pictures you took in your home. The colors are great. Did you paint the walls too, or it's just the effect of teh sheers? It's wonderful.

Hi Carmen,
So the OR was nice, particularly the high ceilings and art everywhere but no, I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to be conspicuous!

As for the livingroom, no we didn't paint, it's just the nice glow the room gets when the sun shines through the sheers. Very warm and fuzzy!
carol, i *must* recommend this web comic!

so funny!!!
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