Sunday, November 05, 2006

void counting

counter void
Was just a quiet long weekend in Tokyo, Friday being "culture day" or something so Alain was off. I wasn't feeling so wonderful, my damn stomach flu keeps recurring and the doc at the clinic Thursday basically said, c'est la vie.

Friday was filled with mundane chores like laundry and curtain-cutting (for the living/diningroom) then we ate supper out and rented a movie. Yesterday we cycled to a huge "western" grocery store south of here so I could get some filo dough to make spanikopita this week (had a craving) and then I made a gateau au chocolate fondant for the dinner we were invited to last night where I ate the best couscous I ever tasted. Today we went for a long walk to Azabu Juban, a cute neighbourhood not far from the Roppongi Hills fancy shopping/apartment tower area that includes lots of great public art like the huge Void Counter digital display pictured here.

And tomorrow is my first day at work so I'll find out exactly what I'll be doing because all I know is that I'll be helping the unit that prepares for large meetings/visits. I'll be working for half of one of our favourite embassy couples so that's cool, I already know I like my boss! I'll also find out my schedule (all I know is 18.75 hrs a week), hope it's not always mornings!


Good luck at your new job - がんばって ね! *^-^*
I don't get the counter void, but it looks cool.
Hope all goes well with new job!
Hi Carol,

You let me bouche-bée with the doggie spa. I just imagine my two "babies" more than happy surounded by so much attention. :-)

By the way, pictures with your new curtains (decorations)?
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