Sunday, December 10, 2006

earthquake SP

The lastest news is that I have ESP, earthquake sensing powers, I swear it! Yesterday morning there were 2 earthquakes, about 15 min. apart, in a nearby suburb that we felt while sitting in our friends' kitchen. The thing is I had said to Aran just two days ago that I had a feeling we were going to have one soon. Ask him, it's true!

Anyway I've got to jump on my bike and go to the westernized grocery store down the hill to look for molasses so I can do the gingerbread houses for our friends' 3 boys to decorate. It would SO suck if I can't find it because the boys would be pretty disappointed.


Hi Carol,

Sorry not to answer to you earlier, but this Holidays period is too busy, too many things to get done and I don't see the time passing. From what I see it's the same for you. :-) Very nice of you to think about the boys continuing tradition.

Wow, it seems you got used to the earthquakes. Good for you!

Wonderful picture, indeed, very unsual for me to see so much green for Christmas.

About the decoration you described in the previous posting, can you take some pictures, please?

Can you please come here and mother my children? You are so Martha Stewart that you put me to shame ...! My kids were harassing me to do the gingerbread houses again this year and I was just so exhausted that I put them off for another day. Maybe I could just buy them plane tickets to Auntie Kyarou?
Heehee, sure! They'd actually probably love it here, what with the compound's kids (so handy and the playground & pool onsite. Ship 'em over and have a break. Seriously, if you don't feel like baking there are lots of alt recipes where you only have to make the icing glue and then use grahams & other cookies to build the house, I'll send you links.
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