Sunday, December 03, 2006

i rock but i also stink

So we just got back from a night of clubbing, which I haven't done in eons. Aran's friend is visiting from her post in Bejing so we (and another embassy couple) took her out to see some famous Montreal DJ I never heard of, nor did I get to hear. Upon arrival at the club, I felt very conspicuous since most people were somewhat, ahem... okay much, younger than me. As were the other couple and the Bejing guest for that matter.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I got grooving and the next thing I knew they all wanted to leave. I was like, ahaha I am not the old shoe after all! No matter my age, I still rock! But unfortunately I smell very much like smokey-club ick and that's never fun, even for [old] ex-smokers. Nonetheless I am too tired to shower so I'll take my rocking stinky butt to bed now.

Bonne nuit.


Hey good for you for being a party girl! I also have the same streak in me ... so next time we get together, we'll ditch everyone else and just rock on!
Yes, you do rock.
Heehee. Okay my goddess, it's a date (though who knows if our party streaks will last that long)!

Buzz, you're as sweet as ever!
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