Wednesday, January 31, 2007

lost without my camera

No, I didn't lose my new cam. I was the one lost this morning in a picturesque neighbourhood but without having brought Baby.

I had an early doctor's appt seeking help with these recurrent migraines and I thought about but decided not to bring the camera because I was exhausted and didn't feel like toting any extra weight. Well after being handed a typical prescription from a typical "Oh the cause? Who knows, here's some drugs" doctor, I decided to walk slowly home rather than take the metro because the sun was shining very warmly and I hadn't had much exercise this week. Plus I'd only once been in that neck of the Tokyo woods and I wanted a look.

Well not far from the very urban Tokyo Tower and all sorts of other big city stuff, I stumbled down some back streets that seemed transported from a little town in the Japanese countryside. I even saw some peachy-coloured humming-ish type birds fluttering around a flowering aloe bush in a big pot outside of a little old house. Of course everything had a dull patina of soot since I was not far from two overhead freeways.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of how the old and new intersect here, so gracefully. Nor will my wonder cease at how nature thrives amidst the endlessly spewing emissions.


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