Thursday, January 11, 2007

when it 'graines it pours

If anyone's wondering what has happened to me because I'm kind of behind in my e-mails, I'm on the second day of my 3rd migraine since Saturday. In other words, my head's been pounding for most of the last 6 days. Don't know what the deal is and am thinking I should schedule a doc appt to see if I can get some real drugs because Advil just ain't doing it for me this time around. Miso hasn't made me any genki-er either, dammit.

Stress certainly isn't the culprit so I've considered a pollution allergy as a trigger because I was outside for many hours Friday, Sunday and Tuesday, the days before the start of each of the recent brain aches (and also because my eyes burn and my nose runs a lot when I'm outdoors). But then it could just be barometric pressure or something, who the hell knows. Frankly it dismays me that the scientific community knows about as much about gray matter as they do about cosmic dark matter but then I tend to be very grumpy when my skull is squeezed. Allz I know is that I MUST recover soon because we are babysitting 3 occasionally rambunctious little boys for the whole weekend while their parents attend a curling tournament in Northern Japan.

So what was I doing outdoors so much recently, you might ask? Well Friday I just walked around, in a direction I've never taken before, for the benefit of my new camera (aka Baby). Saturday it poured Olympic-sized pools nevermind buckets all day so Sunday we were raring to go when we saw the blue sky. We walked to Harajuku, through Yoyogi park and over to Shibuya to go to HMV and buy a few CDs at the huge sale they were having. Alain bought some Johnny Cash (we recently rented Walk the Line) and I bought Offspring's greatest hits and yet here we are, together 4 years now, go figure. Last but not least, Tuesday I went walking and shopping with my friend B.

The worst part about my sore cerveau is that last week I was really making headway with my New Year's resolution and I benkyou shimashita (studied) my face off. This week I've tried but it just ain't the same with cotton and thorns stuffed in up there. But that's enough whining. Sorry, my life really is not very tough so I'll shut up and go have a nap now. Just appreciate and enjoy your unswollen brains folks.


offspring?! awesome..

get well soon!

Poor you, I hope it goes away soon. Have you tried ginger?
oh no - i'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well! i hope you feel more genki soon!

we had to talk about new year's resolutions in class last week, and my sensei helped me form this sentence for mine - i think you'd like it too:

今年(ことし) の もくひょう は げんき に すごします!
(This year, my goal is to be more genki!)

feel better - o daiji ni!

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