Friday, May 25, 2007

i used to be a bad ass

Living in Tokyo has made me feel dull. I'm not rich, young, cutting-edge and/or drop-dead gorgeous, as are an astoundingly high proportion of Tokyoites. And though I was only ever arguably 1 or 1.5 of those things, at least I was proud of my anti-establishment, take-no-shit attitude/lifestyle. These days the only tough grrl thing to which I can lay claim is listening to Swedish post-garage rock.

And after trying to convince myself to accept the fact that I'm just getting old, uh, -er, I recently caught an episode of Sex and the City. Of course I don't own any Manolo Blahnik's (nor would I really wish too), and I'm not claiming to be in any such ballpark of fabulousness, but the characters on that particular little show and their "I'm over 40 and lovin' it" gumption have sparked a new desire in me to not fade away gracefully.

So today I left my habitual if somewhat too low-slung for my age jeans in the closet and donned a skirt, big earrings and a bracelet too. Maybe tomorrow I'll dress all in black.

You go, bad ass!


thank god you are not falling for the `Manolo-Blahnik(and so on) must-be-a-fashion-slave`crap.
I`m fabulous and wear mostly 2nd hand! mind you lately i have splurged a tiny bit thaks to old navy putting every thing on sale for dirt cheap. :)

You'll always be a bad ass in my book... yeeeaah babe!

H: You know it!

Steph: It takes one to know one, therefore making your compliment all the more appreciated! Thanx!
You have always been a badass.. don't let the people get you down..
jake and i moved into a house behind the hostel. life is good here..
would love to chat.. when's a good time?
i agree Carol, you've always been a bad ass and will always be! You've always looked good in your low slung jeans and I believe you will for a long time even when you are way past 40!
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