Tuesday, May 08, 2007

still wonder-filled

Those who haven't followed this blog all the way back to the first post 8 months ago may not know that Pinch Me is so named because of my initial awe at finding myself living in such an impressive megatropolis. Well, this past weekend I realized that my eyes are as starry as ever.

We had our first real guest to show around (a friend of a friend who 2 weeks ago moved to a small village near Mount Fuji) and we took her to all our favourite spots. Friday we had fine hot weather for an architecture-themed tour in our city ward, Minato-ku. This included Tokyo Midtown, a huge and stunning new shopping/office/hotel complex that is but a 10-minute walk from our house, and Roppongi Hills, another such complex. This stuff certainly ain't the Rideau Centre, folks.

Saturday was equally summer-like for her visit with Alain to Ueno and our trio's trek around Asakusa. But unfortunately on Sunday it poured rain all over our Harajuku plans, though she nonetheless got to see many of the dolly-dressed girls and a crowd of greasers (yes, à la 1950s) who would normally be dancing like maniacs in Yoyogi Park if it weren't for the awful weather.

And for those of you who prefer dog talk, we are equally as wonder-filled at our luck with the adopted mutt who has Graced us with her presence. She's as sweet and puppy-cute as ever and is by now completely adjusted and not afraid of much. Except maybe my poor Japanese teacher, who loves dogs but at whom Grace barks like a fiend for some bizarre reason.

PS: No, still no news from Mr. Mike but last week was "Golden Week" and many offices were closed. At least I hope that's why...


Hola Chiquita :-)
Sounds like fun - and the weather here is truly ASTONISHING. The best Springtime I can remember in 10 years - wam, sunny, perfect days and cool nights that need a blanket for sleeping. What a blessing! Will visit my Dad over the long weekend, so I'll have more news then...

Meanwhile, your MUST check out the doggy link at engrish.com today - made me think of those wacky Japanese bag-dogs and crack up.

OK, ta, let's talk again by phone soon.
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