Tuesday, July 10, 2007

working (comma) stiff

So yes, I've fallen behind in my blogging— as well as my e-mail, housecleaning, exercise, Japanese studies, etc.— since re-entering the workforce. The worst part's been the awful cramps in my shoulder/right side of my neck that the damn mouse has wrought on my unsuspecting (formerly happily unemployed) body.

But no, I complain not. Just 'splainin', Lucy. I thought I might give a sign of life to my waning audience and also say thanks for helping me break the 5000 views milestone on my Flickr pix. That is a lot of eyeballs, but I'm almost at 1000 photos so that's five peeps per, which is not unbelievable really.

Speakin' of pix, won't be long before a few more hundred are added from our Bali trip. Three more sleeps and then we'll be ensconced in the exotic atmosphere of Matahari Cottages! I'm this instant (as I futilely clutch my knotted shoulder muscle) SO looking forward to the very affordable Royal White Mandi Lulur massage.

So it's 8 p.m., the pooch is walked and I'm off to dredge up some dinner like a regular harried workhorse. Damn I was lucky...


hey lady, did you hear about the super-kawaii puppy in northern japan, named heart-kun? so cute!!!


hang in there - soon it's super-awesome holiday time! i'm going on holiday next week too - mmmmmmontréal, here i come! can't wait for just for laughs and rollercoasters at la ronde! *^-^*

Congrats on the new job! I'm sure the lil pup misses you all day, but she'll probably just sleep all day and then be the happiest lil thing to see ya when you get home! Oh, how I used to love those waggin tail'd welcomes!

I hope your Bali trip is all you want it to be. Enjoy!
OK,so, please think of me when your are going to receive that very affordable Royal White Mandi Lulur massage, PLEASE, for me to feel it too. :-)

Have a wonderful vacation!
i need to feel the massage too!
our cat bill has been sick for three days. :(
(go read mine, you'll see)
hope ur trip is great... be safe!

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