Tuesday, October 02, 2007

chill seeking behaviour

I've developed a strange new habit. I've always tried to mix up the routes of my after work dog walking duty (A has the morning shift) but frankly it gets quite dull. One quickly runs out of new one-hour trajets.

Aoyama Cemetery has been one of my favourites because it's big, quiet and nice and green for G and her tootsies to enjoy (plus lots of cats live there). But the sun's begun setting quite early so I'd been avoiding it except on weekends or rare shift-switch days (A hates making breakfast). I mean Tokyo is so safe and I never fear any type of crime, but something just instinctively kept me out of a dark cemetery.

But the other day, for some reason I ventured in. Maybe inu looked longingly down one of the paths as we passed by on the street, or maybe I was a bit early and thought it was still light enough.

But once we were down the path and I looked around in the gloom, surrounded as far as the eye could see by monuments and with no human soul in sight, I realized how isolated and creepy it was; the sky glowing yellow from the light pollution and the many old trees morphed into twisted black silhouettes.

And I liked the chill that ran down my spine. I've been going back every evening. I even went back tonight after having read this morning that they found a skull in a plastic bag there a few weeks ago.


i'd probably find that cemetary strangely comforting! X^D

wow, skull in a plastic bag though. eeep. well it had been there for over a year...

did you take pictures of that place yet? if not... well whatcha waitin' for? :D
Woops, it seems Haloween is close. :-) I would love anyway walking there.
waiting for pictures of this creepy cemetery!
(emailed you)
I recently shot a few more but have already many cemetery photos in my archives (see: here). Will try and shoot some in the eve but my camera's still broken and they probably won't turn out great...
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