Monday, October 15, 2007

the fruits, nuts and flowers of fall

It never fails to amaze me how surrounded by nature we are in this huge urban jungle. Our ku (ward), for example, is home to 175,467 and has a population density of 8627 per sq. km and yet I have a terrible time these days preventing the pup from over-ingesting all the tiny (size of your baby fingernail) acorn-like nuts that are falling in the parks and parking lots surrounding our apartment. Crunch-crunch-crunch, she loves those things, shells and all!

And then yesterday, walking into our nearby favourite park, I passed by yet another huge tree that was covered in the tiny orange "candy flowers", as I call them, that make October smell so sweet and delicious (and that I keep forgetting to ask someone what they are), and there was a kaki (persimon) tree loaded with ripening fruit and beside it, a mikan tree covered in green tangerines.

I know this is probably hard to believe, so perhaps tomorrow at lunch I can take a quick walk to snap a shot in daylight.


Can you pick some of the persimmons? :D
Sis; would love to see a photo of a persimmon tree!
Luv ya!
please do - i want to see the tiny acorns and orange flowers!!! :)
Hmmm, what's with the kaki's popularity I wonder? Its portrait got 25 hits on my Flickr already! Anyway, I discovered another tree, this one in someone's yard and still overflowing with fruit. I'll have to try and get a shot in the next few days.

But JJ, I'm afraid I'm too late for the orange candy-smelling flowers, they've all fallen.
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