Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yuki ga futte imasu

Snow is falling in Tokyo and unbelievable yet even to me is that I am enjoying watching it, despite how much I despised it just two years ago when I had to live with it for months. How soon we romanticize things.

And again, I realize how poetic I find the Japanese language. The word for snow, yuki, (pronounced you-key) just seems sweet to me. A fine equivalent for a short elegant word like snow. For those curious about the rest of the phrase: ga is a topic marker (which follows the subject) and futte imasu is the present progressive for fall.

Not that I'm in any position to teach anyone the language. I'd slacked off my studies in the past several months, due to my volunteering/work sched. And how quickly what a mature brain learns rusts when thrust aside. So my 2008 new year's resolution was the same I made last January: hit the books. Though last year did not commence with constant migraine brain as this one did, so I then made a better start of it.

As to migraines, does anyone out there (is there anyone out there?) have any first-hand tricks/treatments I might try? Just don't talk to me about triggers because mine is/are elusive (hormones? barometric pressure?). My abortive, a triptan, isn't working anymore and frankly I'm kind of over-sensitive to prescription drugs, and so a few months ago I turned to a traditional chinese medical practioner. I am currently awaiting a new herbal formula he ordered for me before I resort to the M.D. for a prophylactic (typically anti-depressants in very low-dose) which make me dopey in addition to other side effects I'd like to live without. I'm also going to let the TCM doc do a second visceral manipulation on Friday. Heave those organs, sir, perhaps my brain chemicals will better follow the newly straightened path.


i'd say just wait patiently for the herbal medicine, it should work wonders. have you ever tried massages (by yourself or in a salon) or even acupuncture? i'm sure you could find something good ever there that would be better than our western solutions.
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