Sunday, August 24, 2008

a note from Phnom Penh

A monk keeps cool in Phnom Penh.
We crossed the Vietnamese border into Cambodia by boat yesterday after having spent 2 days touring the fascinating Mekong Delta. Tomorrow we hop a noon bus to Siam Reap for a 3-day visit of Angkor Wat.

I wish that I had not forgotten my camera cable at home, otherwise I could upload and post a few of the thousands of photos I have shot in the past 2+ weeks. We have traveled a long way and seen some gorgeous things along our route from Hanoi, Halong Bay, to Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, Can Tho, Chau Doc to Phnom Penh.

For A and I the trip has been without any discomfort aside from heat rash -- it's SO humid and the sun is super strong and shines more than we expected during the supposed rainy season! Unfortunately the first week and a half were rough going for our traveling companions who both fell quite sick with a flu of some sort. They are now fully recovered.

Well, that is all for now as the National Museum is calling us this morning and we have a date with the Royal Palace this afternoon. One day and a half is not a lot in this capital so we must make the most of it!


Looking forward to your photos and more. Very glad to hear that you & A are not suffering from anything!

hooray for a new post, hooray for adventures! i can't wait to see your pictures! :D
Hi Carol,

I can't wait to see more pictures and to read your stories.

Hasta luego!
Hi Carol, is this you under credits?

Hi gang. Still working on uploading photos from my cam to PC. Still have to weed down and upload to flickr, which is a big job (I think I'm going to bust 2000 from this trip) so bear with me. Stories to come too, in installments because there's just too much to say!

To E: Are you EI, EL, E who, I wonder? Yes, that's me in the credits...
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