Saturday, September 13, 2008

from H to H to H

August 13-16

Hue is oh so hot, worse still for a Canadian to bear than Hanoi because here the tropical sun, in cahoots with the killer humidity, shines with a vengeance. But the Citadel and royal tombs are worth two sweat drenched days, evoking glory long past with peaceful desolation.

Then it's on to Hoi An, a tourist's dreamland that bustles with foreigners but hordes of Vietnamese tourists too as resto after resto, myriad cafés, tailors and traditional craft shops beckon. The local food is scrumptious and A develops an addiction to a noodle dish called cao lau, while I'm loving the glutinous rice pancakes stuffed with small shrimps.

Despite our disinterest in shopping (read: we still must carry our backpacks for 2+ weeks), we are nonetheless captivated by the magic and energy of this quaint and well preserved lantern-strung town.

We saw: Thien Mu Pagoda; the Citadel; Tu Duc, Minh Mang & Khai Dinh tombs; Hai Van Pass; Lang Co beach; the Marble Mountains; Cua Dai beach; Hoi An's Japanese covered bridge; plus local temples, historic buildings & markets

We ate: lots of fruits such as passionfruit (I particularly like it as juice!), dragonfruit, rambutan, sugar apples (not apples at all), and longan; at two spectacular restaurants, Miss Ly's Cafeteria (she's a hot mama!) and the Cargo Club.

We drank: lots and lots of water, more wine, more café sua (it's awesome iced too), etc., etc.


You all look pretty hot! Great to see a few photos of you for once and one really good one of you smiling! How did these rare shots happen!?

Hola Carol,

Just wondering if you've tasted a Durian? I've heard it's a fruit that smells really bad and wanted to know how it actually tastes..

MM - Hahaha, you're a funny one. I know you mean hot in the literal sense since dripping with sweat we were not very sexy! PS: The shots of me occurred because there was another camera present aside from the one in my camera-happy paws.

E (which E are you by the way? please include your last initial to assuage my curiosity!) - Yes, we LOVE durian and I really don't see what the big deal is about the smell. It's a bit strange for sure but then so is the taste and the texture. I really can't describe it, no comparison comes to mind... Sorry! It's currently nut season in Japan (there're fruit & nut trees all over Tokyo) and I must tell you that fully ripened ginko nuts smell FAR worse than durian (like sh*t in fact!)
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