Tuesday, October 28, 2008

brushing on a glow

I've had many an idea about things to post about on this blog but often hesitate because most topics aren't related to my original concept, which was, "Wow, I moved across the globe, share my wonder with me!" After two years here, I now feel quite at home and so, unless I travel, I don't feel my daily thoughts appropriate to the "Pinch me, is this real?" thing. Hence I post less and less.

However, I have decided that this feeling is beyond silly since it's not as if I have a huge readership or advertisers who expect me to be faithful to that original concept. Which was mine alone in the first place so I can damn well ignore it any time I want! And I have ignored it occasionally in the past anyway so from now on, I'm going to post whenever I want, about whatever I want. And no one (I assure you, if you're actually there) is going to give a sh*t! See, I'll even be vulgar too!

Okay, so now that the concept's out the window (no, no, Grace, don't go after it! *slam* window closes in the nick of time), I just wanted to share a health/beauty tip for anyone who wants to stimulate their skin's circulation, helping rid their body of toxins and renew their complexion as a bonus. People who know me well know that, though I am fit and a smidge more active than your average Jane, I'm plagued by bad genes that have led to a lifelong struggle with eczema and allergies. I'm also sensitive to western medicine/pharmaceuticals, most making me sleepy or stoned, in a bad way.

So, in dealing with these issues, I've done my share of research & experimenting with alternative things like natural remedies. My latest favourite is skin brushing. You get yourself a long handled sisal (natural fibre) brush and brush yourself every morning, starting from your feet and brushing up, towards your heart. Last but not least is your face. These brushes, sold for skin brushing purposes, are soft so it's not scratchy if you're gentle on yourself. You can sometimes skip the body if you're in a rush (though it takes only 3-4 min.), but don't skip your face if you want to show off a new glow!

Me? Aside from looking healthy and having softer skin, I'm feeling better these days. Of course that could be partly because I gave up on homeopathics and went on Claritin, probably until the first frost, a month or so from now. Anyone know the long term implications of taking allergy meds daily?

Later or tomorrow I'm going to post for your advice on my new logo/business slogan. Pinch Me, pinch you, whatever...


any new post is a good post, kyaroru-san - we like to hear your news! :D

miss you!!!

You're too sweet JJ! Wish you had a blog so I could keep up with your life. You're moving to Orleans? Hope you post some pix on Flickr at least!
hey C, it's your blog so it's your choice to write about whatever your little heart desires! As one of your faithful readers, I am happy to read everything & anything you write!
P.S. The skin brushing sounds like a good idea - a new glow is a good thing!
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