Friday, December 05, 2008

fluffy jazz antidote

Okay so my dear partner is officially obsessed. Aran somehow 'discovered' jazz a couple of months ago, I think it started through a music magazine + compilation CD the ambassador had given him a few issues of (Songlines it's called and is actually world beat-focused so I'm not positive it was there but hey, I also loved the comp CDs so I ordered A a 6-month subscription as an anniversary gift) .

Anyway since jazz bit him, he has listened to nothing else (I'm NOT exaggerating), reading up on new and old styles and haunting the CD shops of Tokyo, as well as overloading iTunes with a zillion albums got through bittorrent.

Yes, everyone knows I'm a rock/punk/alt girl who despises pop. But I'm open minded to many other types of music: classical (has anyone ever listened to Michael Torke?), world, hip hop, electronic, and even jazz is great with me. In small doses. I can't take anything all the damn time!

However, I have tried very hard to restrain myself and not freak out (with my famous temper) and forbid jazz, since you know how cute and pure A's enthusiasm for things can be. Far be it for me, the moody grouch, to squash mister sunshine's fun!

The result is that as soon as he leaves the house, I RUN for the stereo and switch things up. This morning my escapism has led me to indulge in a full Lily Allen album followed by a bit of Rancid. Ahhh, what relief!



rancid's '...and out come the wolves' was one of the best albums of the '90s.
Heya AC. I wish you had a blog so I could hear more than just occasional bits of news through cards from dear BC. I hear there were some big changes for you lately, congrats! Hope all is wonderful.

PS: We saw Rancid in concert earlier this year and it was mindblowingly great!
hi carol,

yes! i saw rancid this past august in toronto. they were great -- played all of the classics..

i've tried blogging but i just end up hating what i wrote. too critical of myself i guess. i just moved into our new house yesterday! cameron is coming up on friday from oakville with the rest of our stuff. my new job is kinda neat, i'm working with an organization who do independent assessments on issues of "public importance" for the gov't.. our website is

hope you and alain have a great christmas! :)
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