Monday, March 16, 2009

buttermilk wherefor art thou

Yet another food post! I was just on my fav recipe site (epicurious), looking for a recipe in which to use up some lonesome mascarpone, when a St. Patrick's Day special feature caught my eye. The history of and variations on traditional Irish soda breads.

I have one soda bread recipe I like to make, principally cuz it's super easy. But it's definitely time for me to branch out and none of these recipes require much more work.

Anyone who's never thought they could make bread, here's the thing: soda bread doesn't use yeast, therefore doesn't need to rise and all that. Anyone can do it and should!

But alas, the recipe my heart desires, mini walnut soda breads, takes buttermilk and that will be difficult to find in Japan. Has anyone ever made faux buttermilk?

I might end up trying that rather than wild-goosing down the real stuff. If I'm still migraine-free by then (it's been 4 days now), Wednesday's looking good for a delicious warm treat.


hey C, are you okay?

Hey Carol,

Finally I got to see some pictures, they are great. And I saw you!!!! :-)

You two look marvelous and baby G is a sweety. The tweets are sooooo funny!

About the Canadian Gov, don't get too excited, I am going to send you, if I still have it, the Gallon Letter, and you will see there in Scott Vaughan's report, what they did for the environment.

My God, the Japanese girls start wearing dresses like in the 60s?

Kisses from Montreal
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