Sunday, July 19, 2009

whiplash and a double rainbow

Well this afternoon's G-walk was not a typical one. Damn pooch took me unawares when she ran like the wind to the end of her lead after a crow and gave me whiplash that I've gotta go rub some arnica on or I'll be sorry tomorrow.

Anyway, on the way home, we came to a spot where the sidewalk was blocked by a crowd of people shooting the sky with their cell phone cams. Lo and behold a fabulous double rainbow was arcing my 'hood. It was so vibrant that it had a pale double above it. I rushed home to snap the shot I posted here from the balcony but by then it was already fading and our view only encompased a slice.

Today would've been my brother's 52nd birthday - maybe he's celebrating.


hey C,
Rainbows are a beautiful reminder of how important it is to have gratitude, and double rainbows are even more special because they happen so rarely!

How lucky you are to have received this gift on Joey's birthday. Who knows - maybe it was him sending you a message that he was thinking about you too...

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