Thursday, August 06, 2009

One man inspiring Hope

This week's feature story over at Our World 2.0 is about a guy who gave up his career as an engineer to go live in an extreme environment to try and halt the monster-like moving sand dunes from eating more of northeastern China's grasslands.

Written by one of his inspired volunteers, Hope He, a self-confessed "ordinary Chinese girl" who is part of China's "eco-generation".

Check it out.

(Photo: Wan Ping)


Hi Carol,

Thanks a lot for the information, it is inspiring and an example for others.

I don't answer to your posts, but I read them and sometimes send them to people.

How are you doing?
Hiya Carmen. Yes, it's nice to know that young Chinese are concerned. I wish that youth the world over had Hope's attitude!

I'm doing pretty well, how are you?
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