Monday, June 07, 2010

much cheekiness in the air

"Titty Debut!" Lucky I was stopped at a light when I noticed the strange ad campaign wording of a huge Samantha Thavasa billboard this morning, else I might've fallen off my bike.

And with that I realized I had been noting numerous hints of cheeky on the streets of Tokyo this spring (no, not the butt-cheek-peek miniskirts, they've been around for ages now). One that still sticks in my mind -- and with which I thoroughly identified as I have continued to dress way-way down compared to the diva/poupoune look rampant amongst Tokyo women -- was a dude dressed in black jeans and a black t-shirt that said in bold white text: "This is my suit."

Finally, I wanted to share this list, as I happened across it this afternoon and admired its brash frankness. As I non-vegan, I also enjoyed the cheeky last item.

Good Reasons to Go Vegan

Source: Vegan Outreach’s pamphlets Why Vegan but found via this cheeky-yet-compelling post on Good.


Ha ha - yes, become a vegan to be kind to animals and the planet, but ALSO so you can be an a**hole to other people!
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