Wednesday, July 07, 2010

window on my new world

Standing in front of the window, open onto this narrow street of low sun bleached houses, I work on the laptop perched on a waist-high dresser. There is no desk in my padre-in-laws' apartment and the kitchen and living rooms are their noisy domains, so this morning I have decided to practice yoga poses as I edit and type here in our bedroom. Not sure if this will become a permanent routine. Our new temporary life here allows me creative freedom and the license to decide that later.

Grace lies on a makeshift bed on a rug by our bed, looking up only when a dog barks down the block. Birds chirp, buses and motorcycles pass by, rough Spanish ladies' voices shout out. It's 10:30 a.m. and the sun's heat begins to build. Concentration will be a challenge for me in San Juan de Alicante.


You will find your own routine! Wish you all the best. I have to reinstall skype on my laptop. I will email you in the meantime and continue reading you here or at the new blog.
H, my dear. Sorry to hear about the break-in! Frack! Thanks for stopping by. Will try to launch nueva blog soon. (yes, will be dropping spanish randomly into all from here on in, hopes you don't mind!)
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